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A fast and user-friendly search feature designed for doctors and prospective participants in clinical trials to provide up-to-date information about BIOCAD clinical trials.

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Our Mission

To help patients and doctors gain access to innovative therapies through participation in clinical trials of medicines.

In Good Hands

A participant in a BIOCAD clinical trial is closely monitored by highly qualified specialists and can have access to innovative medicines and technologies free of charge. [*]


is a major innovative biotechnology company in Russia that brings together world-class research centers, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturing facilities, preclinical studies and clinical trials that meet international standards. BIOCAD manufactures products for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases, and develops medicines for the therapy of genetic diseases.

  • BIOCAD conducts its clinical trials at healthcare facilities approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and/or regulators of other countries.
  • This project is a public, educational and reference resource about clinical trials.

[*] Medical examination and therapy specified by the clinical trial protocol is provided to the participant in a clinical trial free of charge after the participant (or his/her legal representative) signs the informed consent.